Building Healthy and Resilient Communities

We believe that a healthy, thriving community is one in which members enjoy optimal health in an environment that actively promotes productive, rewarding and socially inclusive lives. 

Good health and wellbeing requires conditions which allow all residents to pursue important personal goals, enjoy fulfilling relationships, and take part in their community.

This is why in 2016, with the support of funding partners, Ian Potter Foundation, TasNetworks, and the Cape Hope Foundation, RAW introduced the Healthy and Resilient Communities (HaRC) Initiative.

RAW is working alongside twenty communities in rural Tasmania over a three year period, enlisting stronger community participation in local suicide prevention and well-being initiatives.

RAW will actively enable and support the development and implementation of locally owned suicide prevention strategies and projects designed to boost greater community resilience. 

Core to this initiative is the establishment of local community well-being suicide prevention groups and the implementation of locally identified and owned community projects to:

  • facilitate partnerships within local communities and initiatives designed to build local community well-being;

  • embed suicide prevention and community well-being projects in their local community;

  • build the community capacity to identify key risk signs and to equip them with knowledge and prevention techniques;

The critical philosophy underpinning this project is to inspire the community to come together to improve outcomes in their local area.

RAW will engage and partner with other agencies working in suicide prevention, community development and service provision.  Together we will support and assist in the development and implementation of local suicide prevention and well-being plans within communities.

It is these outcomes that will see stronger, more resilient rural communities and through this we hope to see rural suicide rates decline.

For further information about the HaRC program in your area please conatct RAW at or phone us on (03) 62 541 092.

Download the Healthy and Resilient Communities brochure here