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Who we are

We are a mate when the times are tough, we will help you through the bad times. 

Talk to us anytime, anywhere. Call 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283)

RAW (Rural Alive & Well Inc.) is a not for profit organisation helping individuals, families and the community through mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention.

We provide outreach support to rural Tasmania, as well as working with the community to undertake wellbeing initiatives.

RAW’s outreach program is available 24/7, our outreach workers will come to you, or alternatively talk on the phone. We offer a friendly ear in a difficult time and provide information, support and strategies to help, as well as linking you to relevant services that can assist.

Our service is free and confidential.

To talk to a RAW outreach worker call 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283)  

What we do

RAW helps build resilience and capacity of individuals, their families and the community, to react to challenging life experiences with particular emphasis on suicide prevention, mental health and well-being.  

RAW provides accessible and responsive support services to all rural communities. Assisting the community in response to crisis, and help in recovering or coping after adversity. We establish structures and networks to assist individuals, families and communities to deal with suicide.

The RAW team aims to develop and implement strategies in communities to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, suicidal behaviour and people seeking help. With the cooperation and goodwill of community leaders, local community services and support groups, we can reduce the risk of suicide and respond appropriately in dire times.

Further support services are provided to individuals and their families at risk of mental health problems and suicide.

Who we are

We are a mate when the times are tough, we will help you through the bad times. Talk to us anytime, anywhere. Call 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283)

RAW (Rural Alive & Well Inc.) is a non f...

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The 2019-2020 Rural Alive & Well Inc Board is made up of the following nominated representatives:

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The Rural Alive and Well Inc team are made up of the following people.

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RAW History and Awards

Rural Alive & Well Inc was first established in 2009, to raise awareness of rural Tasmanian people’s health and well-being. 

RAW’s journey began in 2006, when Founding Ambassador John Jones OAM convened several community forums in Oatlands exploring the issue of suicide prevention.  He was concerned about the health and well-being of rural communities recovering from severe droughts, and the lack of early intervention and mental health support for rural people. 

In 2007 a committee was formed to help farmers struggling from the drought. The committee consisted of community representatives including the TFGA, Southern Midland and Central Highlands Councils, public health, church groups, 8X5 wool program, Department of Primary Industries & Water, Salvation Army and other interested community persons.    

The committee was successful in gaining a funding grant in 2008 and the Southern Midlands Council auspiced the project.     

In April 2009 RAW became an incorporated body and in July 2009 commenced operating as a registered charity.     At this time the organisation had two outreach workers and was based in Melton Mowbray.   

In 2014 RAW moved to Oatlands and now employs ten Outreach Workers, who service the whole of rural Tasmania.     

RAW has since won many awards including:


Winner of the Tasmanian LIFE Award, AAMI Healthy Communities Award 2008

Winner (John Jones OAM) of the Rural Health Community Award 2009

Certificate of Commendation, Red Herring Surf Social Inclusion Award 2009

Certificate of Appreciation, Keep Australia Beautiful 2009

Rural Health Group Award, Tasmanian Rural Health Week 2011

Certificate of Appreciation, Australian Government 2011

Certificate of Excellence, Sustainable Communities Award 2012

Winner of the Community Group of the Year Award, Community Achievement Awards 2015

Winner (Wendy French) Outstanding Contribution by an Individual, Tasmanian LIFE Awards 2016


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Strategic Partners and Mates of RAW

The 2017-2018 Rural Alive & Well Inc Strategic Partners and Mates of RAW are made up of the following:

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