It's time to get up off the couch
and get connected Tassie!

RAW's inaugural COUCH-tacular is a challenge like none other, racing down Church Street in the historic town of Oatlands.

Together with your team, you’ll design and race your couch battling teams, families, businesses, farms in the ultimate test of teamwork, endurance, and creativity.

Scroll down to register straight away! 

There’s 3 easy steps to get involved:

1- GATHER your TEAM, and FIND your COUCH

Teams are made up of 5 people, with one person required to be sitting on the couch at all times.

Find a Couch that’s light, yet sturdy and get your team together to create an inventive retro-fitted couch. Wheels are required on ALL Couches and will undergo a safety check prior to the races commencing.

Prizes will be handed out for the best couch design, and team theme.

P.S have you SEEN how many free couches are available through Facebook Marketplace?!  The time is ripe for picking! 


Registrations are now OPEN! So keep scrolling and you'll see our registration form awaiting your entry! 

Entry fee is $10 per couch, to be paid on the event day. 

There are multiple event types, so make sure you let us know which one you want to enter in! 

Rules are included within the event registration, and you will also be sent a copy to pass onto your team mates. 


Join us in Oatlands on the 16th October and get ready to battle it out.

Farm vs Farm, Family vs Family, Business vs Business


If you have any questions about the event or an enquiry around sponsorship please contact:


Lauren Harper 


Phone: 0487 111 479



  1. All teams must be registered through the RAW Tas website. 
  2. Teams can be made up of a minimum of 3 people, with a maximum of 5 people
  3. One person must remain seated on the couch at all times. 
    1. Changeovers can take place, however teams will be required to pull over to the side of the edge of the racecourse. Changeovers that happen in the middle of the course may incur a penalty. 
  4. All team members must be aware of the Terms and Conditions of race entry prior to racing. 
  5. All participants must be over the age of 12 years. 
  6. All participants must be wearing a helmet as a part of their costume / race wear. 
    1. If a participant does not have a helmet, they will not be allowed to race on the day. 
    2. Helmet worn must have an Australian safety rating check. Home-made helmets will not be accepted 
    3. The minimum standard helmet accepted will be a Bicycle helmet
    4. Helmets will not be provided by race organisers or sponsors 
  7. All participants must be wearing closed in shoes for the race
  8. Rural Alive & Well suggests including long pants as a part of team costumes 


Please note: the below does not include motorised couch entries. These will be supplied to registration to that specific race separately. 

  1. Couches must all have a minimum of 4 wheels, strongly secured to the couch base. 
    1. A couch may be secured to another type of platform should the couch not have a frame that allows for easy attachment. 
  2. Couch seats must allow for members to easily sit on and hold to the Couch to ensure an individual doesn’t fall off whilst racing. 
    1. Some couches may require additional handles or safety rails depending on design.
  3. If couches designed are structurally sound and secure, and will not harm or impede on another couch entry, there is no design limitation, with the exception of:
    1. Offensive words, shapes or designs
  4. Couch safety is at the discretion of RAW staff and representatives. 
  5. Any couches that do not pass the safety tests and are not allowed to race will not be financially compensated
  6. Any couches designated as unfit for racing, will still be allowed to be judged in the ‘Best Couch Design, Costume and Theme’ competition

General Information

  1. Upon arrival, all team members and spectators are required to complete a COVID Check-in
  2. Couch’s to be displayed in the designated marshaling area ready for judging and safety checks. 
  3. Prior to racing, teams must ensure the following: 
    1. Each team member has completed their registration and signed race forms at the Marshall’s desk 
    2. Couch Race fee has been paid at the marshaling desk
    3. A Safety Check has been completed by RAW Officials. Safety checks will be completed 30mins prior to race start time, so please ensure you have arrived with time to spare. 
  4. Medal presentations and prizes will be presented in the Marshalling area at the competition of all races. 
  5. At the completion of the event, couches must not be left at the event venue or surrounding areas.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of individuals to manage transport to and from the event of their Couch
  7. All couches and related equipment must be removed post the competition

Registration Form

For example: The Big Red Couch
Please include yourself if you are the primary contact participating in the team. Your team can be minimum of 3 people, with a max of 5. REMEMBER: one person must be seated on the couch at all times
Click here to read the rules. Click here to read the Terms and Conditions..
Tick this box if you accept these terms, conditions and rules.