Reach Out

Resilience and Capacity Building for Individuals and Communities

RAW’s Reach Out Coordinators offer a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service. We work with individuals, families and communities to build resilience and capacity to react to challenging life experiences.

Reach Out Coordinators focus on person-centred engagement and take the time to connect with people, providing ongoing practical support and/or referral to other services. Our approach is ‘non-clinical’ in style, and is caring, confidential, non-intrusive, non-judgemental and available when and where the help is needed.

Reach Out Coordinators aim to help improve mental health and wellbeing, and to prevent repeat suicide attempts and suicide deaths. We adopt a culturally sensitive, strengths-based, and collaborative approach to delivering services. Our Coordinators also work within rural communities across Tasmania to initiate targeted community wellbeing programs and activities.

We have a motto on our vehicles: “Talk to a Mate”, which we put into practice by being accessible and compassionate, with a 'feet on the ground' approach to providing support, whatever the issue may be. In dark times, having a mate who cares, is down to earth, and there alongside you, can make the biggest difference. That's what we do at RAW, and we can help.

Our Reach Out team conduct regular farm and house visits, making contact with those who traditionally have been isolated or overlooked, or are simply doing it tough right now. And a huge part of our job is working with, and within, communities to break down stigma and barriers, to promote inclusivity, connection, and supportive networks. After all, the most effective way to prevent suicide, is to look out for each other.