Stay Afloat

Mental health and well being support for the Tasmanian Seafood Industry

Rural Alive & Well partners with the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council to provide support to workers across the industry in Tasmania and its Islands. 

At RAW we know that mental health and wellbeing is one of the greatest challenges faced within the seafood industry. Not only does it affect workers and their families, it also has a major impact on workplace success and safety.

Stay Afloat provides support for employers and employees by offering;

  • RAW's Fast 5 Talks - Workplace talks to provide workers with RAW's 5 key areas to keep people mentally and physically 'Fit and Strong Today'
  • Providing referral pathways - a tailored and specialised approach for individuals.
  • One-on-one support
  • Employer support and guidance with building mentally healthy and resilient workplaces
  • Help to build safe workplaces through accreditation programs at RAW Workplace


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Our Team

Chris Claridge

Chris has a long history of working within Tasmania's seafood industry. Chris is a passionate advocate about mental health and wellbeing and enjoys getting the word out there that it's ok to talk about mental health.

In 2016 he started fishing with Mures on-board the Diana, auto long lining and traveling all around Australia.

Chris has a passion for not only the seafood industry but the health of its people. He strongly believes the people are the heart and soul of the industry.

Chris believes that each person's story is different and everyone experiences challenging seasons throughout their lives. The more we can make positive mental health and wellbeing practical and tangible, the more resilient the seafood industry will be in the long term.

In his spare time, Chris loves diving, fishing, football, golf, camping, travelling overseas and anything outdoors.

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