Toolbox Talks

Are you ready to transform the mental health and wellbeing of your workplace?

Toolbox talks are 20–60-minute presentations perfectly suited for employees at all levels of the workplace structure.

These talks can be delivered to groups of any size however, smaller groups allow for greater employee engagement.


The Toolbox aims to increase employee awareness and proactivity by providing psychoeducation, normalising and destigmatising mental illness, and promoting help-seeking and help-giving behaviours through a highly engaging talk utilising trainers with significant experience in mental health and suicide prevention. 

This informative session utilises highly skilled trainers to de-mystify mental health and highlight some important factors that help build mental health and wellbeing resilience.

Toolbox talks are often the starting point for workplaces embarking on mental health program implementation.


Workplaces that have completed Site-wide RAW Toolbox's include: Rio Tinto, Bluestone Mine, Cement Australia, Simplot, and Taswater.

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