In-Kind support

Donating to Rural Alive and Well isn’t all about donating money.  

Our organisation gratefully receives in-kind support from a range of businesses that support the suicide prevention and community wellbeing initiatives undertaken by our organisation.     

Providing In-kind support is a useful tool for businesses as it does not call for direct financial donations but relies on the giving of gifts “in-kind”, or in place of, monetary donations and funding. It plays to the strengths of a business and what it can most conveniently do to help.     

Many firms engage in providing in-kind support, for example, donating goods to raffles.    

It is easy to see and measure the impact of an in-kind donation on the community, and it generates good publicity for businesses.     


Examples of in-kind donations include:
  • Professional services;

  • Electronic items; 

  • Marketing collateral; 

  • Raffle and auction prizes; 

  • Venue hire; 

  • End-of-line products that are still of value

  • Advertising space for promotional purposes; and 

  • Catering and event production.


Rural Alive and well Inc. is committed to forming and growing community-based partnerships. Developing and strengthening communities by actively engaging in community enterprises. 

The list of in-kind donations is endless and we are grateful for them, please check with us to see if it is an item that is suitable by contacting by email or telephone (03) 6254 1092.