What we do

RAW helps build resilience and capacity of individuals, their families and the community, to react to challenging life experiences with particular emphasis on suicide prevention, mental health and well-being. 

RAW provides accessible and responsive support services to all rural communities. Assisting the community in the response to crisis, and help in recovering or coping after adversity. We establish structures and networks to assist individuals, families and communities to deal with suicide.

The RAW team aims to develop and implement strategies in communities to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, suicidal behaviour and people seeking help. With the cooperation and good will of community leaders, local community services and support groups, we can reduce the risk of suicide and respond appropriately in dire times.

Further support services is provided to individuals and their families at risk of mental health problems and suicide.

The RAW Outreach Team is available 24/7 call 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283)

RAW Community Training Fund


*** Nominations for the RAW Community Training Fund Grant for 2020 is now open! ***
Rural Alive and Well Inc...

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Rural Outreach Program

Rural Alive & Well operates across rural Tasmania – providing support to individuals, families and communities through our Outreach services and training programs.

The success of RAW can be attrib...

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Training and Capacity development

Suicide Prevention

Rural Alive & Well actively encourages training and capacity building to strengthen individuals and rural communities to reduce the prevalence of suicide in rural Tasmania.

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