Rural Outreach Program

Rural Alive & Well operates across rural Tasmania – providing support to individuals, families and communities through our Outreach services and training programs.

The success of RAW can be attributed to a simple strategy; being available 24/7, going where people live & work and demonstrating genuine care with a proactive approach to providing ongoing physical and emotional support.

This combined with promoting events and activities creates a greater level of social inclusion and provides opportunities to promote suicide awareness and prevention education for everyone across the municipalities.

RAW staff conduct regular farm and house visits making contact with those who traditionally have been isolated or overlooked or are simply doing it tough right now.

We take the time needed to connect with people, providing ongoing support or referral to other crucial services.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is when someone is experiencing high levels of stress and feeling alone. What matters is that someone demonstrates a caring, confidential and non-intrusive approach to helping, and being available when the help is most needed.

Working in close partnership with government and non-government agencies and groups has enabled RAW to participate in and contribute to a very effective network of caring and experienced people as a vital resource for individuals, families and communities.

RAW puts into practice the motto on their vehicles “Talk to a Mate” by being accessible and compassionate with a feet on the ground approach to providing support, whatever the issue.

Nothing makes more of a difference than having a mate who is there alongside you in dark times, a mate who is down to earth, cares and CAN HELP.

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If you or someone you know is feeling down, don't hesitate, the Outreach team is available 24/7, call 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283).

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